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Ein Afek National Park

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Ein Afek Nature Reserve is a national park filled with vegetation, overlooking water sources and the main attraction - a wood bridge over the water. The Park preserves the springs and habitats of Nahal Naaman springs.

There are two options for leisurely strolls. The route known as "long" is actually circular and short. It passes the flour mill. You can enter it and climb inside the stairs to observe the park from the roof. You walk trails with green aquatic vegetation around, hear crickets and frogs, and then reach the floating bridge.

The short route leads directly to the wooden bridge. The wooden bridge floats on the water and seeks to give a feeling of walking on water. The combination of water, the wooden bridge, and vegetation provide a sense of a tropical area in Thailand.

✅Parents of young children, please note - there is no railing along the bridge. The children must be supervised.

✅There are picnic tables with benches and plenty of shaded areas.

✅Near the entrance, there is a small garden and a garden with an explanation next to each plant.

✅Please note – you cannot enter the water.


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