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2 Great Restaurants in Ein Karem

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Ein Kerem is a lovely neighborhood on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The houses are built of beautiful Jerusalem stone, and in the small streets, you find galleries, churches, monasteries, cafes, and restaurants. It is great to just walk in the streets, pass through the small shops, climb to the Sisters of Zion Monastery, And of course to eat ...

Here are two great restaurants:

Ein Karem Inn (Pundak Ein Karem in Hebrew)

The inn has been open since 1985 and has become a well-known food institution in Jerusalem.

It is spacious, and the combination of east and west in its design is stunning. In winter, the ceiling of the large courtyard is covered, and in summer, it is open so those there can enjoy the mountain air.

The menu offers vegetarian dishes, meat dishes, and a variety of desserts.

I come back to the inn for just one dish - the goulash soup. A thick, excellent, spicy soup that is great to eat all year round. Yes - even in summer - because in Ein Kerem, even in summer, it is cool and pleasant in the evening


You will find here a wide selection of dishes, both dairy and meat, in a pleasant space with good service.

I dined there several times, and it was always great. This time we took hot focaccia from the oven with olive oil and Labane, Shrimp in butter and white wine, and a pot of pasta with meatballs and eggplant covered in dough. Everything was great.

Opening hours: 10 am – 11:30 pm (including Saturday).


For trips in the area press here

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