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Amud Stream Nature Reserve – Upper Amud Stream trail

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

This is a magnificent trail full of paddling pools, small waterfalls, and shaded places along the creek where you can stop for a rest, picnic, or coffee.

Upper Amud Stream trail is a perfect hike for a hot day. The trail is suitable for everyone, including families with small children (and there were many families when we hiked there). Once you have parked, visit the information station in the parking lot and take a map to help navigate along the trail.

From the parking lot, follow the route to Ein Yakim and from there to Nahal Amud - after about half an hour, you reach the first pond. The trail is great because after the initial 30 minutes walk down to the stream, you can decide if you want to continue or stay at the first natural pools there.

The first pond is fantastic - clear water, a kind of entrance through a cave that is open on both sides, fish floating in the water - spectacular. Shortly after, there is another lovely pool.

Once you have reached the first ponds, it is a walk along the creek with the ability to stop along the way at any moment in a shaded route 🌳 💦

We chose to continue the trail and walked another half hour through the flour mill to the spectacular Sechvi Pools (on the trail marked with black-and-white). Along the path, on the banks of the stream, you can find many isolated spots. You can stop, go in the water, and have a picnic or a coffee break.

From there, we returned the same way.

Degree of difficulty of the trail - medium.

The entire trail without stops to the Sechvi Pools and back - about two hours.

You should book a place in advance in the Israel Nature and Parks Authority site (look for Amud Stream Nature Reserve)


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