Ein Amikam

In Ein Amikam the water is clear and wonderful. You walk in shallow water that usually reaches the ankle and up to the knee in a few places. Along the trail, you go through thicket vegetation. It is a paradise for small children. Ein Amikam is also Perfect for adults looking for a pleasant and easy water trail.

There is a large mulberry tree at the entrance that gives shade. Those who arrive first catch it. Right in front of it, there is a lovely natural pool for the little ones.

The trail is linear. You can stop wherever you want and return. If you go to the right of the mulberry tree - after a few minutes of walking, you will see rocks in the center of the spring on which you can sit. Next to them, there are shallow pools (it is not shaded).

If you go left from the mulberry tree in a few minutes, you will see two niches with shade on the right - one after the other. A perfect place for a coffee break.

Mid-week is very pleasant and spacious. On Saturdays, it is hectic.


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