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Olympieion: The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Located in the heart of Athens, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, commonly called the Olympieion, is an impressive reminder of the architectural prowess of ancient civilizations. It is a testament to the worship of Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, in historical Athens.

History and Architecture

Initiated in the 6th century BC, the construction of this grand temple extended over several centuries, finally reaching completion under the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD. Initially, the temple featured 104 magnificent Corinthian columns. Today, only 15 remain upright, with an additional one lying toppled, a stark reminder of the passage of time.

Visiting Tips

  • Tickets: There's an entrance fee to explore the grounds around the temple. If you've purchased the combined archaeological sites ticket, it also covers the Olympieion. For Skip the Line tickets, click here.

  • Should You Enter?: While the site is historically significant if you're not an archeology aficionado, you can still appreciate the scale and beauty of the temple from outside the boundaries. Many visitors find that viewing the temple from nearby vantage points offers a satisfactory experience without entering the site.

Personal Experience

The vast grounds of the temple don't allow direct access to the columns, but the expansive view from various points still offers a sense of the temple's original grandeur. On a personal note, unless you've acquired the combined ticket or have a deep passion for archaeological sites, you might consider saving time and money by admiring the temple from a distance. The structure's magnitude and beauty can still be well-appreciated without stepping inside the perimeter.

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