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Potsdam Royal Stables and the Film Museum

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Potsdam Film Museum is housed in the oldest building in the city - the Royal Stables, built in 1685 as part of the City Palace. The palace was used as the residence of the Brandenburg electorate and the Prussian kings.

The appearance of the building changed several times throughout history until Frederick the Great appointed the architect Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff, who designed the building as it looks today.

The Potsdam Film Museum, formerly the East Germany Film Museum, is housed in the Royal Stables since 1981.

The Babelsberg Film Studio in Potsdam has been producing films since 1912 - making it the largest and oldest film studio globally.

Over the years, political rule in the area changed, which significantly affected the studios' work. For example: During the years of Nazi rule, 1933-1945, the studios produced over 1,000 full-length propaganda films under the direct instruction of Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels. After the war and the division of Germany, the studios were used by East Germany. Since then, the studios have undergone a change of ownership and have always continued to produce films.

The museum display exhibits from the history of the studios from the various political periods.

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