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About us

Welcome to our travel blog 🤗


​Who are we?

Liat Steir-Livny: Researcher and lecturer in Holocaust Studies, Cinema Studies, and Culture Studies, Associate Professor in Sapir Academic College and the Open University of Israel.

Boaz Albert: A web developer, Data systems consultant, Vocalist, and member of the Israeli rock band El Hameshorer.

Together we raise three beautiful daughters from previous marriages, and we travel a lot.  

Our blog started as a personal diary. Liat is frequently invited to lecture at international conferences. And we always leave time to deeply explore the various cities and countryside. In Israel, we travel a lot, with and without the girls.

We love to combine different areas of interest on our trip: cafes and castles, hiking and history, challenging trails, and pampering hotels. We have accumulated a lot of knowledge about traveling and travel planning during the years. So we decided to share it with you.

Hope you'll find it helpful.


Enjoy 🧡

Boaz and Liat
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