Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Updated: Jul 22

In the 1920s, some film production companies settled in the Hollywood neighborhood to get the advantage of the comfortable weather and extended light hours. As a result, Hollywood became the center and the symbol of the American film industry. As such, a person visiting Los Angeles must take a tour of one of the studios - to see firsthand how they create this fantastic illusion that fascinates us repeatedly. So we took the tour of Warner Bros. Studio. Liat, as a fan of "Gilmour Girls," was very excited about seeing the shooting sites of the show.

We joined a two-and-a-half-hour tour, during which a guide and small group travel by electric vehicle between the different sites in the studio complex. First, we heard stories about movies, TV series, and scenes that were produced here. Next, we went to one of the studios, which they call Stages, to see how it looks behind the camera. Finally, we visited displays of Super-Hero's actual outfits and Batman's unique vehicles.

The tour ends in a big display center with the set of "Friends" show. The staff there helps you take a picture of the Central Perk Café. Also, there is an exhibition that shows the steps in creating a movie, from screenwriting and casting until post-production.

It was fun and exciting.

Boaz Albert and Liat Steir Livny Central Perk Cafe Warner Bros. Studio