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A Fun Morning in Gedera

Gedera is a lovely small town for a morning of fun. Several places are located nearby and enable you to roam in the town center and enjoy an open museum, historical sites, and great food.

First stop - Burekas Gedera - a well-known institution. Delicious hot Turkish Burekas straight from the oven in two flavors: cheese or cheese and spinach. Excellent. Address: Herzl 7 Gedera.

Second stop - Habiluyim Street. This is the first street in Gedera that was opened in 1887. The street is a complex intended for preservation that has been restored and has become a charming place that combines old and new.

Scattered along the street are several small shops of clothes, household items, designer furniture, and more. Charming tables with pictures from the town's early days and short historical explanations were placed on the sidewalks in several places.

Third station - Yoma Segev Sculpture Garden - a unique and fascinating place open to all. The garden is full of iron, stone, and wood sculptures in various subjects: animals, human figures, biblical figures, objects, and more. The feeling is of an enchanted place and it is difficult to choose what to look at first. The artist allows anyone who wants to enter and wander for free.

Forth station - Ugati (Habiluyim 14) - alongside "standard" cakes and cookies, I recommend the cakes that the owner of the place invents. He calls himself "McGiver of Cakes" mixes what he wants, and the result is warm and yummy cakes that taste like home.


For more great trips in the area press here


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