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Cafes in Milan

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Milan, of course, has dozens of excellent cafes. Here are some of my favorites:


A small cafe next to the opera. Wonderfully shaped cakes and excellent small sandwiches.

Luini Panzerotti

Although not a cafe but a must-stop. Near the Duomo, you will find this small place. It looks unimpressive, but the entrance queue will make it clear that you have come to the right place. Here you buy a kind of donut stuffed with mozzarella. It is insanely delicious. There are also other toppings, but to my taste, the classic is the most delicious.


A lovely cafe that serves the local delicacy - a crispy dough that wraps whipped cream with ricotta and dipped in both ends in pistachios or nuts or grated chocolate.

Bianco Latte

A beautiful cafe with a back room where you can sit. It is stunningly designed. Part of the place is a quality toy store.

Pave Milan

A name that came up several times in the culinary research I did for Milan. It was indeed good. It is a tiny cafe, excellent coffee, and a wonderful pastry with a sweet apple in the center.

The dining floor in the la Rinascente department store

A celebration for the foodies. An entire floor is dedicated to food - everything you could want in mini booths and as a deli. It wasn’t easy to decide what to choose.


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