Cafes in the German Colony

There are various cafes and restaurants in the German Colony. Two are my favorites:

The first is Fatoosh

Fatoosh has a pleasant garden overlooking the street and upstairs another floor

In the second floor there are several rooms, all cozy, charmingly decorated. Each room is decorated in a different style, and you can see that they have thought about each and every corner.

This is a great place to come and work on your laptop - lots of rooms, full of electrical outlets and one room that looks like a small library.

They serve delicious Cafe's food

On the other side of the street you will find Strudel. It also has a courtyard decorated in a vintage style combined with Arab motifs.

There is also a pleasant and beautiful air-conditioned space.

In the menu you will find a combination of Arab and Western food.


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Heading 6


Heading 6