Ein Plutit

A small and hidden spring in the south of the Dead Sea.

A lovely spot to stop and freshen up.

It is a great stopping point for refreshment after a hike. Plutit was the name of Lot's daughter, and the place is also known as “the Hidden Spring” or “the Spring of Love.” The salty water (not salty like the Dead Sea but not for drinking) is cool and pleasant. It reaches the knees of an older person. Small fish do a natural pedicure, and part of the spring is shaded. In the shade of the palm trees nearby, there are also two benches.

It is a nice spot on the way. Don’t arrive there especially. If you arrive early, you will be there alone. Keep in mind that the place is tiny. When we left, two families came and more or less filled the place...

Entering the spring is the responsibility of the travelers.

Enjoy 🤗

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