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Einot Tzukim Nature Reserve

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Einot Tzukim (Ein Feshkha) is an ideal nature reserve for all ages.

The springs water flows into various pools, some deep, some shallower, and some paddling pools. The two upper pools are accessible.

It takes a few minutes to walk to arrive at the lower pools.

There are guided tours to the hidden reserve on holidays and Saturdays - a locked part of the reserve that can only be entered with a guide. It is a fascinating tour for those interested in all the processes in the area. It is interested in seeing hidden places and the springs of the springs from which fill the pools.

A walk in the thicket leads us to a vast muddy compound that was once the Dead Sea. Until 2000 there was a beach here. Visitors to Ein Pasha came to the pools and the beach. The Dead Sea is drying, and today there is only mud where the beach was. The same mud that is sold in stores at high prices is found here on the ground. A natural cosmetics store is spread out under your feet ... Because the soil is soaked in salts, there is no vegetation in this area. The vegetation exists only in areas where spring water has already washed away the salinity.

One of the most spectacular areas in the hidden reserve is Lake Navit. It is forbidden to enter the water because it will kill the fish in the lake and is named Navit Dead Sea. What kills these fish are not humans but the substances we apply on ourselves: creams, deodorants, etc ...


For more trips in the area press here

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