Gedor Sea Reserve (National Park)

Stunning combination of rocks and the beach - Gedor Beach National Park is one of several beaches in the country defined as nature reserves. Their role is to protect the vegetation and habitats in these places.

The rocks on the beach produce an abundance of "pools" between them. They create private lagoons where you can sit on the sand or rocks and swim in a ‘private pool’ away from the hustle and bustle.

You can also stay at the viewpoints up on the cliffs overlooking the beach - an excellent place for a picnic, a coffee break, or a romantic date.

Because it is a nature reserve, it is forbidden to stay there after dark.

It is also forbidden to sit under the cliffs for fear of collapsing. This is also true of many other beaches in Israel. Most of which do not have fencing or warnings signs.


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Heading 6


Heading 6