Marzipan Museum - Kfar Tavor

The Marzipan and Chocolate House is a charming place - more of a deli than a museum.

You can find chocolate bars of various types, nuts and almonds of all kinds, spreads, honey, and more. Lovely shop. Children (and adults) can sign up for a great marzipan and chocolate workshop in the backroom. You’ll receive a set that includes an Injector with chocolate, a marzipan rectangle, and a pastry board so you can mold various designs of marzipan and chocolate. At the end of the workshop, the children (and the adults who participated with no less pleasure) take the marzipan sculptures and the chocolates they prepared.

Next to the museum, you will find Barkan Wines Visitor Store. It is an excellent place for wine lovers.

You can taste, sit in the pleasant courtyard, enjoy wine and a cheese platter, or buy from the wide selection of the winery.