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PortAventura amusement park

PortAventura, located an hour from Barcelona, is fantastic for a family day out. It's not just an amusement park - an entire world of fun and adventure.

I went there with my 12-year-old daughter while Liat took her two teenagers to the Caribe Aquatic Park. We all had a fantastic day with exciting rides, shows, and water fun.

The central part of PortAventura is an amusement park divided into different themed areas. My daughter and I explored these areas, each bringing another part of the world to life. From the wild west in 'Far West' to the exotic jungle in 'Polynesia,' every area had unique rides and shows.

I'm not a fan of the big rollers, so we had a lot of fun on the gentler rides and loved the lively shows featuring music and dance. We also attended a charming performance of soap bubbles.

Meanwhile, my wife and the teenagers spent their day at Caribe Aquatic Park, part of the PortAventura resort. They had a blast on the water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

We visited at the beginning of July, and it was very hot. Naturally, it affects the visitors of the amusement park more than the visitors of the Aqua Park. I think the park should treat its visitors better, provide more shadows outside, and provide better air conditioning inside the halls. I was also very disappointed that the few water fountains they cheaply spread over the park didn't have cold water. For the high price they charge, they can try harder.

To sum up, our visit to PortAventura was a fun day and an excellent way to combine family fun on our trip to Barcelona.

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