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Raz Waterfalls and Gil'ad Reservoir

Waterfalls and a two-pools beautiful reservoir - all in one hike.

The first stop is Nahal Raz Waterfalls - the river only flows in winter so you should hurry ... The waterfalls are small and beautiful. Not really Niagara Falls, but nice. Arrive with the vehicle right up to the observation point. From there, you see a pipe that cuts the view - do not despair. From here, just begin the beautiful route. You have to cross the small stream to the other side. A few meters into the trail and you are close to the waterfalls. From here the view is much more beautiful.

On the same path, you continue to walk along the stream to the Raz Reservoir (also known as the Gilad Reservoir), which is divided into two large pools. The water is mesmerizingly blue, ducks are floating in the water, and against the background of the bloom and the vegetation of the water, it looks fantastic.

There is a comfortable circular route for walking around the first pool. After rainy days, the road is muddy. You can also continue to the second pool and then return.

Please note that the western pool (the first one you reach) also has effluent water, and you cannot enter it. The signs in the area explicitly indicate this. The eastern pool is filled with the clean water of Nahal Raz.

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