Recommended Hotels in Nazareth

We would like to recommend two stunning places in Nazareth - different but also similar. Different - because one is a luxury hotel and the other is a hostel. Similar - because both have a great combination of Arab and Western motifs that make them fascinating.

Legacy Hotel is a beautiful hotel in the city center - a beautiful combination of Arab and Western motifs, antiques, and new designs. Parts of the hotel overlook the Church of the Annunciation. The lobby is luxurious and spacious. The rooms are new, cozy, and spacious. We also took a chef's meal in the hotel restaurant.

Avraham Hostel - Fawzi Ezer House - Located between the market alleys, a fabulous Arabian mansion with a central courtyard that takes you into another world. Some rooms have a shower and toilet, others - the shower and toilet outside, and the prices are very reasonable. They also offer lots of tours. You should check out their website