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Sanssouci Palace and Park, Potsdam

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Sanssouci Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the park, you will find palaces and buildings of the best architects of the 18th century, surrounded by beautiful gardens with sculptures, fruit trees, terraces for growing vines, greenhouses, and a system of fountains.

The length of the main boulevard of the park is about 2.5 km, so it is very worthwhile to take enough time to survey the entire park comfortably.

Sanssouci Palace

Frederick the Great built the Sanssouci Palace in 1745 - 1747 as a summer residence. He called it Sanssouci, which means "Without worries." The interior design has been preserved, and it allows visitors a glimpse into the 18th century. The king himself is buried in the palace.

The new palace

A vast palace at the western end of Sanssouci Park Promenade. The court has banquet halls, galleries, and royal suites. This is the last palace built by Frederick the Great and was used mainly for hospitality and celebrations.

Today, one campus of the University of Potsdam is hosing in the New Palace.

The park hosts other essential buildings, such as the "New Chambers" palace, the Orangery Palace, the Chinese Tea House, and more. Unfortunately, we did not manage to visit them all. We will definitely do so the next time.

The Chinese Tea House



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