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Vickar Birdwatching Observation Deck

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

October-November is the birds' migration season. Vickar Birdwatching Observation Deck is full of hundreds of pelicans.

The view is mesmerizing. They rest in peace, occasionally flying, swimming from place to place, and it is difficult to take your eyes off them.

The ascent to the lookout is accessible.

My tip: after observing the pelicans there, continue driving for another minute and reach another Observation Deck. From the second observation point, they are seen even more closely.

Next, you will find Tal Park - with shaded trees and some picnic tables and benches near Alexander River.

I suggest combining the trip with Tumarkin's Sculpture Garden in Burgata (a few minutes drive away).

It is not really a garden but a lawn where various sculptures of Tumarkin are placed.

You will find there Puzela Coffee cart. You can sit at their tables or spread out a mat on the grass. On Saturday they are closed.


For more trips in the area press here.

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