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Liat Steir-Livny

Travel Blogger & Foodie
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About Me

Hi, I'm Liat from Israel, and I have an insatiable passion for travel. This enthusiasm led me to create and manage an Instagram page, followed by 24.7K travel lovers and a vibrant private Facebook group of 17K travel members. I share travel tips, advice, and personal anecdotes on these platforms. The heartwarming exchange with my audience truly reflects my commitment to fostering the joy and knowledge that travel can offer. Each reel, post & story on these platforms encapsulates the beauty and essence of the places I visit, sharing captivating images and the cultural, historical, and personal narratives tied to them. These platforms serve as a wonderful extension of my travel experiences, and I am thrilled to be a trusted voice in the travel community.

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Let's Collaborate

As a seasoned travel enthusiast with a vibrant online community, I am currently open to forming partnerships that bring value to my followers and align with my passion for travel. With a significant reach across several platforms, my audience trusts my recommendations on travel-related products and services such as hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, cafes, and museums. I have a keen eye for experiences worth sharing and a knack for presenting them in an engaging, relatable way.


I am excited to collaborate with establishments that enrich the travel experience. Represent a hotel that prides itself on exceptional hospitality, a restaurant with a unique culinary experience, a must-visit tourist attraction, a cozy café, or an intriguing museum. I'd be thrilled to feature your establishment in my content. I invite you to discuss how a partnership can highlight the unique value you offer travelers and bring meaningful content to my audience. Let's explore the potential of working together to create something truly special.