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Two Days in Milwaukee

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Milwaukee places to visit - City Travel Journal

Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, on the western bank of Lake Michigan. At first, I thought it's an ugly city, full of unattractive industrial buildings. Unfortunately, the beauty of the Michigan Lake and the rivers crossing the city didn't balance that impression. Although the town is full of some great attractions, they are far away from each other, which makes the frequent use of Uber or Taxi essential for the outside visitors. For an explorer like me, who likes to walk the city back and forth while trying to discover things that are not part of the regular Top 10 lists, it was a big disappointment.

However, it turns out that despite the grayness of the streets of the city, it has some important and fascinating sites. An excellent art museum next to the beautiful boardwalk. The historic Third Ward. Harley-Davidson Museum. And the MPM – Milwaukee Public Museum that left a strong impression on me.

The thing you must do in Milwaukee:

(1) Drink local beer

(2) Eat Cheese Curds

(4) Buy something beautiful in the Historic Third Ward.

Have fun exploring Milwaukee!

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