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221b Baker St. - Sherlock Holmes Home

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional figure. One can almost forget it when he comes to visit one of the most known addresses in the world – 221b Baker Street – the home of the most famous consultant detective in the world. The house makes you almost believe Sherlock Holmes was alive – not a figure written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. According to Doyle's stories, Holmes lived here between 1881-1904, together with his partner and friend Dr. Watson, and Mrs. Hudson of course, the landlady.

While arriving, buy tickets at the next souvenir shop (15 Pounds), and then take your place in the line, where a 19th century fully dressed Englishman will escort you inside the house.

The first floor hosts the study of Holmes and Watson and Holmes's bedroom. Mrs. Hudson's bedroom and Dr. Watson bedroom are on the 2nd floor and used as exhibit rooms, where you can watch the newspapers, books, letters, photos, and figures from Holmes adventures.

This is a must visit place for Sherlock Holmes fans.

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