Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The main word to describe this not-so-big museum is eclectic. The museum claims to put the musicians that usually stand behind the singers in the front. Excellent idea. We often remember a song because of a guitar riff or a dazzling musical line, but most people don't know who the men and women behind it are. So they got a good idea, but its implementation isn't successful at all.

The museum is lacking soul. The large displays square with many items, musical instruments, pics, and videos of various musicians. No one can understand why they picked one musician over the other or why they choose to focus on a specific musical genre instead of others. So that despite the giant American-style displays – it looks like they missed the point. I felt emptiness.

The main building leads to another exhibit hall of the Grammy, with interactive displays that teach the visitors how music is created: the experience of live music, singing, songwriting, composing music, music editing, and production. As a musician, I found it a little boring. Still, I think that people who have never been to a music studio may find it enjoyable.



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