Three and a half days in Nashville and around

Updated: Jul 18

Liat was invited to a conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Half an hour drive from Nashville. Great! I can visit Johnny Cash and buy an Acoustic Guitar. I think there is no better place to buy an Acoustic Guitar than the city known as "home of country music." In Israel, it's almost impossible to find good used Acoustic Guitar at a fair price, so I planned to buy one in the US for a long time. And finally, it happens! Perfect.

The trip started on the left foot. When we entered the airport in Tel Aviv, they told us the flight was canceled. United Airlines said it was because one of the pilots is sick. So they rescheduled us for a flight leaving Tel Aviv only 11 hours after the original plan. And if this is not enough, we had to wait for a connection flight at Newark Airport for another 8 hours. Luckily, we both had laptops and lots of work to do.

After almost 16 hours on air and 19 hours of the airport's waiting, we finally landed in Nashville. The time was 13:45, so we hurried to rent a car and drove to the city, hoping to get in time for a visit to one of the city museums. First, we visited the Hall of Fame and the Museum of Country Music. Next, we had a great experience visiting the Johnny Cash museum. Then, at 18:00, we took a walk downtown. Such a cluster of clubs and pubs playing live music – I have never seen in my life: country singer-songwriters, country & rock bands, cover players… Our heads, especially our ears, were dizzy. We couldn't decide which place to enter.

Eventually, we found some free seats somewhere and got in. We heard a lovely singer-songwriter, ate some wings with BBQ sauce, and fell asleep… after an hour of napping. Then, we gathered strength with the music surrounding us and drove to our cute hotel in Murfreesboro.