The Museum of Political History of Russia in St Petersburg

Updated: Jul 27

For telling the truth, I had no intention of visiting this museum. I wanted to see the Peter and Paul Fortress and happen to walk near it. However, I was curious and went in. It is a very modern museum, showing the fascinating history of Russian politics: the Tsars, the uprisings, the reforms, and of course, the Communist revolution.

The museum is located in Kshesinskaya Palace, built by Nicholas II for his lover, the ballet dancer Mathilda Kshesinskaya. It is also the building where the Bolsheviks placed their headquarters in 1917 – the year of revolutions so that the visitors can see Lenin's temporary study. There are audio guides in several languages, but the whole museum is written in English too.

I had only two hours, so I managed to visit only two exhibitions. I needed at least two more hours to see all the displays. Nevertheless, it was a very enriching visit, and I definitely recommend it for all those who want to know more about the history of this country.

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