The Getty Museum

Updated: Jul 22

Although I'm not an art fan, I believe that visiting the Getty Museum is a must. The architecture of the place, the gardens, the beautiful view justify the visit, even if the classic paintings are not your cup of tea.

The visitors should park in a garage (15$ for a vehicle) and take a cable-car ride up to the museum. The entrance itself is free.

There are a few kinds of guided tours, and I took the guided tour of the highlights. The guide walked us around the museum, explained the architecture and the principal of the museum, and showed us some of the museum's masterpieces, like "Irises" of Van Gogh and "Rembrandt Laughing" self-portrait.

The Getty Museum is inspiring. I was just planning to jump to understand why this place was so much talked about, and unfortunately, I did not leave myself enough time to walk around.

Lovely place. Very recommended.