Three Days in Saint Louis

Updated: Jul 18

St. Louis used to be one of the most important cities in the USA. It was the starting point for many explorers who wanted to learn the secrets of the west, a significant base for the Blues music genre, especially the Saint Louis Blues subgenre.

The area was a central site for the historical American Indian Mississippian culture. A few significant events regarding abolishing slavery in America have started here.

Today, the city is divided into many neighborhoods – each one with its character and style. My three-day visit couldn't cover the entire options the city has to offer. So I will only write about the places I've visited without passing judgment on the whole town.

We needed three flights (23 hours total) to get to Saint Louis for Liat to attend her conference: Lessons and Legacies XV. We arrived exhausted and went to sleep right away. We planned to take advantage of the first day to visit several exciting sites in the city – Liat had time until the evening. Unfortunately, the weather changed our plans a bit - blowy winds and rain made it impossible for us to tour anywhere without a roof.

So, our first site was the city's icon – The Gateway Arch. It took us some time to find where to park and how to get there. Apparently, the entrance has changed, and now it's in front of the Old Courthouse.