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My Second Visit in Wroclaw

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

My first time in Wroclaw was such fun, so when Liat got invited to participate in another academic conference in that beautiful city – we didn't hesitate for a moment. I remembered that there were some places I didn't have time to see, and it was an excellent opportunity to catch up.

We landed in the evening and headed directly to the hotel the conference ordered for us. It was far from the city center, and they were no restaurants in a close distance – however, the hotel restaurant was fabulous.

Dinner at Hotel Slaska Wroclaw

We started our first morning by visiting the highlights from our previous visit: the Cathedral Island, the Ossolineum and its wonderful cafe, the former city prison, the old butchers' place, the Rynek, and the Market Hall.

Wroclaw Cathedral Island

At noon, Liat's conference started at the Depot History Center – an old bus depot that was transformed into an excellent museum of Wroclaw after WWII. While Liat joined her colleagues, I visited the exhibition for an hour and a half and headed to the City Museum, which kept me busy for more than two hours.

Wroclaw City Museum

After a dinner of baked Pierogis at the Rynek, we continued to walk through the main sites of our last visit to the city – especially the Jewish sites, like the White Stork synagogue, the monuments for the deported Jews of the town and the memorial for the destroyed Great Synagogue.

The next day I took Liat to the City Museum because I was very pissed – the museum tells the story of the city from the beginning, including all the major events the city has experienced – however, it disturbed me that the deportation of the City's Jews to their death was almost ignored.

Afterward, I visited several sites at the Rynek, that I missed on my first visit: the St. Mary Magdelene's Church with the Witches bridge, the Town Hall and Pan Tadeusz Museum – a whole museum which is dedicated to a famous epoch by the Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz.

Wroclaw Town Hall

Pan Tadeusz Museum

To close the day, I decided to head north to the neighborhood of Nadodrze, to see a very unique old train station.

Narrow-Gauge Train Station Wroclaw

In the evening I rented a car for the next day because we have decided to spend our last day outside the city.Our last day consisted of three most-recommended sites outside Wroclaw: KL Gross Rosen – a brutal Nazi concentration camp located one-hour drive outside the city; The unique and beautiful wooden Church of Peace at Swidnica, a UNESCO heritage site; and the underground city Osowka – a massive system of underground corridors and halls that the Nazis have built for some secret target: as headquarters, or as a place for developing their new secret weapons.

Gross Rosen Concentration Camp

Church of Peace, Swidnica

underground city Osowka

Our last stop before the airport was at the lovely Rynek of Wałbrzych.


Wroclaw is a city to come back to. Its atmosphere, its beauty, its excellent restaurants, and cafés – making this one of the most fabulous places to visit. Be sure I intend to come back again.

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