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Athens Beaches: More Than Just History

While Athens is globally renowned for its historic sites and vibrant neighborhoods, there's an often-overlooked coastal charm waiting for its visitors.

The Beaches of Athens

Beyond the city's iconic landmarks lies its beautiful coastline. Athens offers a variety of beaches, from lively spots decked out with amenities and beach bars to calmer, more secluded areas. These beaches are a refreshing escape, especially during the scorching summer months. Whether you're keen on water sports, lounging by the sea, or just seeking a change from exploring the city's ancient ruins, Athens' beaches won't disappoint.

A Hidden Gem Near Lake Vouliagmeni

On our trip, we found a lesser-known beach spot across the road from Lake Vouliagmeni. Situated in front of the Labros restaurant, this rocky beach lacks sand but makes up for its peaceful ambiance. The calm sea makes it perfect for swimming or relaxing by the water. It's not too crowded, providing a more personal, intimate beach experience.

Dine at Sardelaki me Thea

Post-beach relaxation, we recommend dining at Sardelaki me Thea. Located nearby, this restaurant serves delicious Greek dishes with the added benefit of sea views. It's an ideal place to refuel after a day by the water.

In Conclusion

While Athens is primarily celebrated for its history, don't miss out on its coastal offerings. From famous beaches to hidden gems like the one near Lake Vouliagmeni, there's a seaside experience waiting for every kind of traveler.

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