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Burma Road

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Burma Road was breached and paved in 1948 as a bypass road from the Hulda area to Jerusalem because, during the 1948 war, the road from the lowlands to Jerusalem was blocked in Latrun. On the way to Burma Road, trucks with equipment and supplies passed to besieged Jerusalem.

Today the Burma Road is a stunning road in the Eshtaol Forest.

It combines historical information, green landscapes that for a moment make you feel abroad, cyclamens and lots of places for picnics and barbecues.

You can travel between the various points along the road, or you can choose one point and hike there: it is up to you.

We drove from Ein Mesilla to Mitzpe Harel, and I would like to recommend here five main points along the way, in which we stopped and hiked the area:

1. Ein Mesila parking lot - you can picnic climb up to the forest to see cyclamens. Near Ein Mesila, there are small ponds after the rain.

2. Nahal Meir Nature Reserve Nahal Nachshon - tables, benches, and a small stream that flows after the rains.

3. Burma viewpoint - In the area next to it, you will find a fantastic view of vineyards.

4. Beit Susin Springs - Beautiful green fields alongside places for barbecues and picnics.

5. Harel lookout point - an observation of the surroundings with a vast map of the rock that shows the various points along the way.

Two important tips: You can start the route from either side - Mitzpe Harel or Ein Mesila.

If you start from Ein Mesila, you must follow the wooden signs that say "Burma Road - direction Mitzpe Harel.” If you start from Mitzpe Harel, you should follow the “Burma Road – Ein Mesila” signs.

Enjoy 🤗

For more trips in the area press here.


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