Dead Sea Mushrooms

The Dead Sea dries up, and because of this, you can find "mushrooms" and salt paths that were once deep below the water. The Dead Sea mushrooms are salt patterns that emerge from the water.

They are magnificent. But unlike other places in Israel where I happily take pictures to show how beautiful the country is, this place only highlights the tragedy of the Dead Sea.

It is fascinating to watch, but the beach is not so pleasant. It is more of a photo-op place. On the weekend there are many people climbing on the mushrooms having their pictures taken. There are also machines near that are constantly working and making noise.

It is a place that should remind us the Dead Sea is drying, that we are watching an ecological disaster in progress. Near the beach, you will see huge stones covered in salt. Once they were in the sea, today they are on the shores of the coast.

Will you take beautiful pictures from this place? Yes, of course. This is an ecological disaster that is well photographed ... If you do not feel like trying to find your place on the main mushrooms (I did not want to), go aside - there are more mushrooms and a salt trail.

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