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HaBsor Reserve

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Western Negev is charming this season, and it is really worth visiting and enjoying the desert views. This time I want to recommend a stunning scenic road and a nature reserve - HaBsor Reserve. Like any scenic route, this is a trip that combines travel and walking - stopping from time to time at different points, climbing, hiking, returning to the car, and - to the next point.

Habsor Reserve - a trip of 18.5 km, a path with stones suitable for private cars. Here are some great places to see and hike along the way:

📌 At the beginning of the road (if entering from the direction of Tel Shorhan), there are mountains not very high that are really fun to climb. The view from the summit is impressive. Just sitting there and listening to the silence is remarkable.

📌 The borders of the Badlands: there are Hiking trails where you can still see clusters of squills, descend unpaved roads to the Besor River and hike in the beauty of the desert.

📌 Tel Sharuhan (Pharaoh) - Beautiful view of the area with the possibility to walk down towards Ein Shorhan.

📌 The Pipe Bridge: A great place for kids who enjoy running back and forth.

📌 Swings in the middle of the desert

📌 Rope bridge: connects two banks of Nahal Besor. From the bridge, you can watch lots of turtles in the stream that flows below. Across the bridge, you will find a beautiful vantage point over the desert.

Along the trip, you decide on the level of difficulty and the things you want to see.

Along the route, there are many points where you can spread out a blanket and have a picnic under one of the trees. In front of the tube bridge, there are also some picnic tables.


For more trips - HaBsor National Park is nearby

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