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The Red Canyon near Eilat

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Red Canyon- One of the most beautiful places near Eilatץ

About half an hour drive from Eilat, and you are on a stunning, easy-to-walk canyon (about an hour and a half in a slow and relaxed walk) in the fantastic landscapes of the desert. After a short walk, you enter the Canyon, and the beauty of the red stones is so impressive.

The descent is with the help of pegs, and it is great fun.

The trail is circular - walk along the path marked in white-green, then the one marked in white-black and return to the white-green (in parts of the way back you as you go up, there are pegs to be used).

Another option: Instead of doing the circular route, those who want to experience the pegs a little more can return with the white-green marking and, this time, climb with the help of the pegs.

The trail is suitable for the whole family. Next to us walked families with small children (of course, it depends on the children).

There is also a longer circular route of about 3 hours (which we did not do) that allows more walking in the desert paths.

Those who are mainly interested in experiencing the Canyon can make do with the short route.


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