Ein Hania National Park

The perfect place for summer - Ein Hania National Park is a small and wonderful place on the outskirts of Jerusalem, behind the Mamila Zoo.

You can find there archeological remains from the First Temple, Second Temple and Byzantine periods.

Near the upper pool, there is a small tunnel into which you can enter by descending a ladder. You walk in the dark as the water reaches your ankles (recommended only if you are not claustrophobic...). If you enter you must have a flashlight and closely supervise the children because it is slippery.

The lower pool is larger and magnificent - spacious and wonderful water overlooking the Jerusalem mountains. The water is colddddd……

Around the pools there are shady places, water flows in the canals on all sides, and the combination with the orchard trees and vegetation is stunning.

You need to register in advance in the Parks and Nature authority website.


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