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Ein Hardalit

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Ein Hardalit is a beautiful water trail where you walk in the water on an easy and shaded path for all ages.

Ein Hardalit is one of the springs of Nahal Kaziv (aka Kziv stream), and walking in it is great fun. The parking lot is next to the spring, and from there, you start walking in the water. In most parts of the trail, the water is only ankle-high. There there are some parts where they are deeper. The water is so clear that you can see a lot of small fish swimming in it happily.

A large part of the trail is shaded. There are spots where you can leave the stream and sit on its banks and have a picnic. The route is linear - going back and forth the same way. Since the trail is walking in water from pond to pond, you can decide where you want to stop and return.

Important tips:

📍Bring shoes for walking in the water. Not flip-flops because the stones are slippery.

📍You should travel in the spring or autumn because in the summer the water level drops.

📍Keep in mind that weekends it is hectic, and we recommend you arrive early.


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