Ein Jezreel

A lovely spring pool in the Jezreel valley

In the middle of the pool into which the water of Ein Harod spring flows, there is a pump house structure that is inactive and makes the children who run in and around it very happy. The pool is full of water all year round, and the water is about a meter high. Next to the large pool, there is a small paddling pool.

Eucalyptus trees surround the pool, so large parts of the place are shaded. There are several picnic tables in the area and it is suitable for camping. Because the area is quite large, even when it is busy, it is not too crowded.

From the pool you can look at the fields of the valley.

If you want to continue your tour in the place, you can walk a kilometer or drive to Tel Yizrael to observe the valley's fields or ascend to one of the stunning observations at Gilboa. The only downside - garbage that travelers leave behind.


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