Great Food in Nazareth

Nazareth is confusing because of the enormous variety of bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. So let us recommend some selected places:

When you arrive in Nazareth, one of the first places worth visiting is the Al-Mashhadwi Bakery. A small bakery that makes delicious pastries. Their most famous pastry is an oven-baked pita with cooked chicory with onions. Just great. Another excellent pastry is the pita in the oven with spinach and cheese. It's hot, fresh, a real treat.

In the small restaurant, Abu Razi - The King of Fish – you will find a platter of fried fish with some salads at great prices.

Luna restaurant serves great Arab food. Pay attention to the dessert that is offered specifically for children - a pastry with Nutella. Greatttttttt. We hardly left something for the girls ... 😂

Kataif at Abu Ashraf - near the White Mosque – pancake-like daw stuffed with cheese or ground nuts, fried and dipped in rose sugar water. Amazing. He does not like people taking pictures in his restaurant, so watch out. His restaurant is unique in design because it is packed with housewares that Abu Ashraf has been collecting for 40 years.

The Legacy Hotel has an excellent restaurant titled Ud. We ate there a chef's meal which was amazing. The restaurant is spacious and pleasant. Like the whole hotel, it is decorated with a combination of Arab and Western symbols, and it is charming. The service is great and near the restaurant, there is a stunning bar.