Halbrecht Farm Food Garden

Halbrecht Farm Food Garden was established in 2013 with an ecological vision: to grow vegetables and herbs, be a food learning center, and provide visitors with an experience of relaxation. From our visit there, we can reassure you that they have accomplished their mission and vision.

The garden is a large, green space; tables and wooden benches are scattered under the many trees that provide plenty of shade. Hammocks are also hung between the trees. If you are looking for total relaxation, you can hop right in.

There are many activities for children in Halbrecht farm food garden - art corners, the livestock you can feed, a walk in the vegetable garden, a sandbox, and more. But this is not only a great place for children but a stunning space for all ages.

You can order a picnic basket, in advance, from the store. Or you can arrive there, choose yourself from the collection of cheeses, crackers, spreads, natural smoothies, and hot and cold drinks.

The store is combined with a nursery with about 350 types of succulents and other flowerpots. The staff is charming - smiling, welcoming people who make the experience especially pleasant.

If you intend to arrive with children: on Saturdays, there are extra guided activities for children.

If you intend to come without children, we recommend visiting in the middle of the week (Sundays-Thursdays).


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