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National Gardens of Athens: A Peaceful City Escape

The National Gardens in Athens is a large park located near Syntagma Square. It offers a peaceful escape from the city hustle.


Spanning 24 hectares, the National Gardens boast a collection of over 500 types of plants and trees. It started in the 19th century by Queen Amalia, showing Athens' commitment to maintaining green spaces amidst urban growth.

What to See and Do:

Plants and Wildlife: The gardens house a variety of plants from around the world. Additionally, a pond attracts ducks and geese, which many visitors, especially children, enjoy watching.

Historical Elements: As you stroll through, you'll encounter remnants of Athens' history, like old columns, mosaics, and a sundial.

Zappeion: Located adjacent to the gardens, the Zappeion is an exhibition hall surrounded by more gardens and water fountains.

Our Visit

We had a mixed experience at the National Gardens. While parts of the garden appeared neglected, and the botanic section was closed, it was still a pleasant space: the walking paths and the sight and sounds of ducks and geese made for a restful visit.

Tips for Visitors

  • How to Get There: It's easily accessible from the city center. If you're using the metro, the Syntagma station is the closest; from there, it's a short walk to the gardens.

  • When to Visit: The gardens are open from sunrise to sunset. Early mornings or late afternoons are more relaxed and might be more comfortable for a visit.

  • Facilities: Seating areas are scattered throughout the garden, and there's also a small cafe to grab a snack or drink.


While some corners of the National Gardens might benefit from more attention, its overall charm remains. It offers a tranquil space in Athens suitable for families, nature enthusiasts, or those seeking a quiet moment. We felt it was a worthwhile spot to explore.

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