Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park

Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park is next to Ganei Hanadiv and suggests several beautiful hiking trails (easy to challenging). You walk in a beautiful natural forest. Everything is open, blooming - nature in all its glory.

After parking in Ramat Hanadiv, follow the sign to the nature park and reach the path square, from where all the trails start.

Easy trail with small children - the spring trail - a circular trail about 2.5 km long. Begins and ends at the trail square. The trail is marked in white-blue.

Trail with children from the age of 6 - the estate trail - a circular trail of about 4 km. The marking is red-white-and it lasts about two hours without stops. Along the way, there are many places where you can sit, rest, have a picnic, or just spread a blanket.

A challenging trail - the Eagles Trail - a 4 km trail of strenuous walking. The trail is marked in green and white.