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Ramon Crater Colors National Park

This is a fantastic place.

Until the 2000s, minerals were mined here. Today, Ramon Crater Colors National Park, part of the Ramon Crater restoration, allows you to travel on paved roads in a unique geological park. The colors of the rocks range from brown, light blue, yellow, and pink.

The route is modular and depends on you and your desire at which points to stop, where to walk and where to leave the vehicle. You can walk the park or ride a bike (7 km), you can ride it or walk between the main points.

Along the way, you will see an open mine, a sinkhole with rocks in different colors, and more.


📍No need to register.

📍 Those who want to move from point by point can download a map from the internet. If not - it is fun to drive on the park roads from point to point.


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Heading 6


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