The ancient synagogue in Ein Gedi

Updated: Sep 22

The ancient synagogue was built in the third century AD, expanded in the sixth century AD, and destroyed by fire, along with the houses next to it.

The synagogue has a unique mosaic floor, including Aramaic inscriptions, a list of zodiac signs, the Hebrew months, the chain of generations from the first man to Jephthah, a note in honor of donors for the restoration of the synagogue, and more. However, the most exciting address is a curse, the purpose of which is to deter the locals from discovering the secret of making persimmon oil - the source of livelihood for the community.

Additional finds were found in the excavations: a scroll from the sixth century AD, lamps, ornaments, thousands of coins from the fourth to the sixth centuries, and a collection of goat and sheep bones found under the ark, and more.

The visit to the site is not long. At the entrance, there is a miniature model of the ancient settlement and an explanation of its inhabitants.

Apart from the synagogue, you can also walk around the ruins of the ancient settlement.