The ancient synagogue in Ein Gedi

Updated: Oct 2

The ancient synagogue was built in the third century AD, expanded in the sixth century AD, and destroyed by fire, along with the houses next to it.

The synagogue has a unique mosaic floor, including Aramaic inscriptions, a list of zodiac signs, the Hebrew months, the chain of generations from the first man to Jephthah, a note in honor of donors for the restoration of the synagogue, and more. However, the most exciting address is a curse, the purpose of which is to deter the locals from discovering the secret of making persimmon oil - the source of livelihood for the community.

Additional finds were found in the excavations: a scroll from the sixth century AD, lamps, ornaments, thousands of coins from the fourth to the sixth centuries, and a collection of goat and sheep bones found under the ark, and more.

The visit to the site is not long. At the entrance, there is a miniature model of the ancient settlement and an explanation of its inhabitants.

Apart from the synagogue, you can also walk around the ruins of the ancient settlement.

🎫 If you are hiking in Nahal David or Nahal Arugot - it is very worthwhile to stop here at the end of the trip. The entrance fee is included in the price of the visit to the Ein Gedi Reserve.

🎫 If you are not hiking in one of the streams - you can buy an entrance ticket at a discounted price.

Enjoy 🤗

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