The Garden and Forest of Ein Karem

Ein Karem is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Jerusalem during the daytime

and nighttime. A stunning collection of galleries, cafes, magical alleys, beautiful houses, churches, monasteries, and a spectacular green landscape.

This post focuses on the stunning nature in the neighborhood and 2 places in particular:

1. The Garden - In front of the Miriam spring, you will find a small, charming garden, green vegetation, trees, magical corners with shade where you can spread out a mat for a picnic.

Those who tour there are families, couples on a romantic date, and hikers who like quiet. The view of the Jerusalem mountains and the nearby monasteries and churches completes the picture.

2. On the way above the Miriam spring, you climb up the remains of Roman roads and then reach a junction. Right - in the direction of the Russian monastery on the path marked in green and white. Left - towards the youth hostel.

Either route you choose, you reach a quiet forest with plenty of shaded corners.

There are great spots among the trees for a picnic or a coffee break.


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