The Moshe Novomiesky Visitor Center

Novomeisky was a Zionist entrepreneur. From the beginning of the 20th century, he dreamed of developing the Dead Sea region. After enormous difficulties, he developed a method for mining minerals and established the Palestine Potash Company in the Dead Sea. The company operated from the 1930s until 1948 when the enterprise was destroyed in the war.

The visitor center was established four months ago where the workers lived in the 1930s. It is clear that a lot of money was invested in the place, and it tells the story of the Dead Sea and Novomeisky fascinatingly. We moved between the huts, watched great short films with familiar actors projected on giant screens, and saw stunning installations on the formation of the Dead Sea. With the help of virtual reality glasses, we "entered" the workers' lives in the 1930s. We saw a reconstruction of the space and everyday life and received explanations about the importance of minerals, their production from the Dead Sea, and the Zionist enterprise that Novomeisky managed to establish against all odds.

The last short film tells the story of ICL, the company that bought the enterprise from the Israeli government in the 1990s and it is basically a long commercial representing only the good sides of the company and overlooking its problematic aspects.

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