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The Sataf

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Sataf is a beautiful trail in the Jerusalem mountains. It is a site for the restoration of ancient mountain agriculture.

You descent on the terraces of Mount Eitan towards the spring. On the way, you pass a natural forest and around the magical landscape of the Jerusalem mountains. It leads to the remains of the ancient village and to a small tunnel carved into the rock. If you want to get in and walk in the water in the tunnel, it is recommended to bring a flashlight and an extra pair of shoes

In the Sataf there are two springs - Ein Stef and Ein Bikura. Even though it is forbidden to jump into the natural pool, it became a well-known site for hikers who jump in.

If you have one car, you can go down to the springs and return in the same way. If you have two cars, you can leave one vehicle in the upper parking lot from which you begin and a second car in the parking lot near the springs.


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