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Yorsh – A Great Ukrainian restaurant

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A wonderful Ukrainian restaurant, that only few know

The place owner is Olga Gorlov, who immigrated from Ukraine and 12 years ago opened the restaurant in Bat Yam.

We ate there several times and tasted a variety of wonderful Ukrainian and Eastern European dishes.

Olga cooks herself - everything is fresh and made on the spot. Even the fried onion is not prepared in advance.

Here are few examples: Perfect potato pancakes with sour cream

Home-made Verenikes (studded dumplings)

Wonderful ribs

One of the great things we ate and did not photograph in previous times is a Ukrainian sausage that Olga makes herself. My daughter, to this day, talks about it ...

Opening Hours: Sunday from 3 pm. In the rest of the week, 12 pm to 23pm

Waze: Balfour 6, Bat Yam


For more places in the area press here

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