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The National Museum of Scotland

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The National Museum of Scotland is a vast and surprising museum that covers lots of subjects: science, nature, cultures, arts, and the history of Scotland.

At first, I thought I'd make a quick round at nature & science sections (which I can see in many other museums) and leave enough time for the history section. But things didn't work as I planned. So instead, the nature gallery was excellent! There are great clear explanations about so many natural phenomena, with lots of fun illustrations and games that you can quickly lose yourself.

I didn't have time to explore the art galleries, and after 3.5 hours, I only checked half of the six History of Scotland galleries. It's a place you can visit for a whole day. The museum has an app: Highlights, which helps navigate this massive museum and send you directly to the essential items.

Among other significant items and displays, you will find some highlights like Dolly, the Sheep, a 12 meter-long Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, Ching Ching – a stuffed famous Panda, an authentic steam engine, and a lot more.

The history galleries are full of stories and items. I think that visiting such a museum is essential to understand the roots and values of the local society. Moreover, it helps to better understand all the other sites you visit, so I'm usually trying to visit the local museum as soon as possible.

Super Recommended.

The entrance is free.


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