Eilat - The Beautiful Beaches of the Red Sea

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Eilat is well-known, and rightfully so for its beautiful beaches. The water is crystal clear, you can see the fish swimming gently near you.

So here are recommendations for our favorite beaches:

Dolphin Reef:

The combination of dolphins in the water, the peacocks that walk around free, the clear water, and the palm trees form an incredible oasis. There is a bar intended for people over 18 years old (in other words - no children are allowed in…) with a great view of the reef. There is also a spa where you can book (in advance) messages in the water.

Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve

The color of the water is amazing - genuine turquoise. I felt as if I am swimming in an Instagram filter...On the beach, you can rent diving and snorkeling equipment and enjoy the amazing colors of the fish.

Kisuski Beach

This is a great beach for youngsters and adults that enjoy water sports. Here you can find all kinds of water sports: jet ski, crazy shark, Kayaks, Saps and more.


For more places in Eilat and near Eilat press here

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