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Be'er Sheva

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Be’er Sheba is a fascinating city that combines old and new, and there is much to see in it.

I have prepared for you here a list of some recommended places to tour in the city.

Locomotive Compound 70414 - A Turkish railway station was built here in 1915. In 2013, a project to rehabilitate the train station complex began. You will find some authentic carriages, and an original steam locomotive numbered 70414.

Next to the locomotive, we found a tiny compound with musical instruments designed for children.

In the complex, there is a boutique Patisserie and a deli located together - BEEZOO and Gordon Deli. The pastries in the patisserie are excellent and, in the deli, you can find products for a picnic. The complex is currently under renovation and was still under construction within a few months, and the renovation is due to be completed.

Beer Sheva Market - always colorful and attractive. You can find groceries, vegetables, fruits, pastries, and much more. There are excellent pitas in the Caucasian bakery, and among the various places to eat, we chose Ida The Broad Heart. It is a beautiful small restaurant for home cooking.

Beer Sheva Lake Park - a massive park with a vast lake. There are designated places where you can have a barbecue and, on the meadows, you can have a picnic in front of the lake.


For more trips in the area press here.

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